California Rideshare Accident Lawyer

  • Uber/ Lyft Accidents 
    • Accidents can happen with anyone, anytime. Many rideshare car accidents take place due to a judgemental error of the driver. Ridesharing Companies like Uber or Lyft ensure a complete background and driving record check of the driver while also requiring the driver to have an insurance cover for their vehicles. However, despite all precautions, accidents can still happen. Most drivers are working overtime, they are working regular jobs and are often fatigued when driving the rideshare cars. Exhaustion or distracted driving might result in accidents.
    • Negligent or reckless driving is another major cause of accidents in case of rideshare cars. It is important for drivers to follow all traffic rules, drive within speed limits, or pass a vehicle in a proper way. They should not indulge in erratic and rash driving as it may result in accidents. Additionally, Uber or Lyft drivers should avoid taking any dangerous shortcuts for reaching the destination, as it may cause accidents to take place