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Have You Been Arrested or Falsely Accused of Penal Code 273.5, commonly known as Domestic Violence in California? 

If yes, then you need to act right away before it is too late.

A domestic violence charge can have a severe impact on your life, especially if it involves physical abuse. In addition to facing jail time and financial penalties, you could be slapped with a restraining order – and you might even lose the right to see your children. You could face serious penalties even if it turns out you were falsely accused.

At KN Law Firm, we’ve successfully defended and won so many of domestic violence cases in California. Our experience has taught us how to shape and handle these cases so accusers and prosecutors think twice, which is why we’ve gotten so many domestic violence charges dropped and cases dismissed. 

Establishing your side of the story right away is critical – don’t waste time, get KN Law Firm on your side immediately. 

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“When you’re accused of a crime you didn't do, the thought of losing everything can be overwhelming. At KN Law Firm we will walk you through the process, and help you get your life back.”
Chris Nalchadjian
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A common misconception about the criminal justice system is that an alleged victim “presses charges” against someone. In California, once the police present a report to a prosecuting agency (like the DA’s Office) about alleged criminal activity, it is up to the prosecuting agency, not the victim, to file charges. While most prosecutors take into account the feelings of victims, generally they won’t just drop a case because the victim doesn’t want you prosecuted. That said, there are circumstances that can persuade a prosecutor to go in a different direction from a criminal prosecution and/or view the case in a different light.

This is why it is so important to hire a sharp defense attorney right away. An experienced criminal defense attorney knows the things to look for that make a prosecutor second guess the strength of their case. And because memories fade and evidence gets lost over time, hiring an attorney right away is critically important to creating the strongest defense possible.

If there’s an active restraining order, don’t respond to the communications. Instead, make sure you document or save all of the communications so you can share them with your attorney. Often these communications, along with other statements or social media posts, can form the basis of your defense.

At the same time, it’s important that you not do anything that could jeopardize your case. That includes contacting the alleged victim or making statements about the case, either directly to other people or through social media. It is common practice for police officers to “friend” your social media accounts so they can monitor any statements you make. And as discussed in the homepage FAQ’s, any statements you make about a case will be used against you.

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Chris is a no bs type of guy who is straightforward with you and always a phone call away. We always takes his time making sure I understand everything. He worked really hard on my case and I'm sure that if it wasn't for him I would've been in alot worse situation. He truly cared and I respect that about him.
I took a chance on Chris when I read a few of his reviews. I got into a little trouble with the law and needed someone to help me get through these tough times. He communicated with me regularly which made the whole process feel lighter than it was. He listened to me, paid attention to the details and when time came to act he was definitely direct, as in he didn't sugarcoat anything. 10/10 would recommend.

KN Law Firm

KN Law Firm strives to find what is the best solutions for our clients needs. Our experience has taught us how to shape and handle Domestic Violence cases so accusers and prosecutors think twice, which is why we’ve gotten so many domestic violence charges dropped and cases dismissed.

Establishing your side of the story right away is critical – don’t waste time, get experienced criminal defense lawyer Chris Bou Saeed on your side immediately.

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