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When Experience Matters

  • Pro bono refers to legal cases that are taken free of charge by the attorney. Our office handles a few pro bono criminal defense cases a year. For pro bono considerations, feel free to email us at for more information.

  • Here at KN Law Firm, APLC we pride ourselves on our positive results and adequate representation. Our office will work with you to get you adequate compensation for all of your injuries sustained as a result of the incident. Our office does not get paid, unless and until our clients get paid. We work on a contingency basis; thus our attorneys do not get paid until we win.

  • Everyone alleged of a crime has a right to have adequate legal representation and has a right to have a lawyer of your choice. Our attorneys can easily substitute in as your counsel of record and we will handle everything so that there is a smooth and steady transition.

  • Whether the manufacturer is obligated to pay you, the consumer, adequate compensation for the defective product is dependent on multiple factors. We look at the lease or purchase agreement, the duration of ownership, the warranty coverages, and the nature of the defects on each case individually. Call us for a free consultation. Our firm will send we the criteria of what we need to thoroughly evaluate your case.

  • Under California and Federal Law, the manufacturer is obligate to pay for your legal fees when the defective product is deemed a Lemon, thus you do not need to worry about payment. Our fees will be paid by the manufacturer once we establish that the defective product is a Lemon.

  • Preserving evidence is very important and crucial at the time of the accident. Bellow you will find a checklist of things to do at the time of your accident:

    • Good quality pictures of your vehicle from all four sides.
    • Good quality pictures of the other vehicles involved in the accident from all four sides.
    • A picture of the accident scene. The location where the vehicles collides.
    • The other party’s Drivers License, Insurance Card, and Registration.
    • Name and Telephone number of any eyewitness to the accident.
    • Call Law Enforcement and request dispatch to send the police over to record the traffic incident.
    • If there are any passengers, the names and phone numbers of the passengers. This is for both your vehicle and the other vehicles involved in the incident.

    Once the following information has been retained, contact our office for a case evaluation. We will explain the process, file the claims with the insurance companies, and handle the repair and injury compensation process.

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