California Lemon Law:
Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act

California lemon law, officially known as the “Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act”, is a state law that defends consumers against buying or leasing any non-conforming vehicles.

The law states that if a vehicle maker is unable to repair a sold or leased vehicle to match its written warranty after a reasonable number of attempts, the maker must promptly replace or repurchase it.

If something isn’t right in your newly-purchased car, whether it’s the steering, the brakes, a botched paint job, or a horrible smell, then you might have bought a lemon and you need to have an experienced legal team on your side.


Under California Lemon Law, for a vehicle to be considered a lemon, the car must have:

  1. Substantial defect, covered by warranty.
  2. Reasonable number of repair attempts.

A substantial defect, according to california lemon law, is a problem not caused by the owner’s use of the car after purchase that impairs the car’s use, value or safety. In most states, the defect must be covered under express warranty and affect a serious function or expectation of the car. No matter what state in which you reside, the defect must occur within a certain time period or certain number of miles.

If your car has a substantial defect as outlined above, the dealer and/or manufacturer is then given a reasonable number of attempts to repair the problem before the car can be declared a lemon. Generally, four repair attempts is considered reasonable, although this number may be as low as one attempt if the problem is a serious safety defect. Most states also have provisions which state that if a vehicle is in the repair shop for a certain number of days per year to fix substantial defects, the car may be deemed a lemon.

If your car meets the criteria for 1) a substantial defect, and 2) reasonable number of repair attempts, then you qualify for lemon law protection and have the right to get either a refund or a replacement car. You must first notify the manufacturer of the defect (though they should already have notice because of the attempted repairs), and if you are not offered a settlement to your satisfaction, you will likely be required to go to arbitration before you can sue the manufacturer in court.


Just because you personally believe the car you purchased is a lemon doesn’t mean the law necessarily agrees with you. Each state has enacted its own set of “lemon laws” to deal with the problem of irretrievably malfunctioning new cars. Some states even have lemon laws for purchasing used cars. You definitely need an experienced lemon law attorney to handle everything for you.. and YES you won’t pay anything.

At KN Law Firm, we focus exclusively on handling California Lemon Law cases for consumers in Los Angeles area and throughout the State of California. Our experienced legal team will stand up for your rights and hold manufacturers and dealers accountable for the vehicles that they sell.

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  • Yes. All major automotive manufacturers are subject to California Lemon Law, and our firm has successfully represented clients who have purchased and leased virtually all makes of cars, trucks and SUVs. We also handle claims against motorcycle manufacturers, recreational vehicle (RV) manufacturers, boat manufacturers and other manufacturers of defective motor vehicles.

  • Not necessarily. While we cannot guarantee results in any particular case, we have resolved the majority of our clients’ claims via out-of-court settlement. If your rights are clear, we may be able to resolve your claim relatively quickly without the need to go to court. But, if your vehicle’s manufacturer refuses to settle, we will take your case to trial, and we handle cases in all Superior Court locations throughout Los Angeles County.

  • With us, it costs you nothing out of pocket to pursue a California Lemon Law claim. Your initial consultation is completely free, and the Lemon Law requires vehicle manufacturers to pay consumers’ legal fees and court costs for successful claims. In cases involving contingency fees, we will provide you with an itemized breakdown of your expected take-home recovery so that you can decide for yourself if it is worthwhile to move forward.

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