Statistics of Domestic Violence in the US

As broadly defined, Domestic Violence is “a pattern of physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse, which includes, but is not limited to, threats, intimidation, isolation, and/or financial control.”

To better understand the issue of domestic abuse, it is useful to look at the data. In this article, our Los Angeles Domestic Violence Defense Attorney, Chris Nalchadjian, provides an overview of the latest domestic violence statistics in the United States.

Four Statistics to Help You Better Understand Domestic Violence in the United States

One-in-Three People Experience Domestic Violence During their Life

Unfortunately, domestic violence is far from rare. Although it is difficult to put a precise number on it, the National Domestic Violence Hotline estimates that around one-in-three people will be the victim of domestic violence at some point during their lifetime.

Some people endure domestic violence once or twice, while others are victimized on a repeated basis. In some cases, domestic violence victims are too afraid to leave an abusive partner.

Both Men and Women are Victims of Domestic Violence

Women are disproportionately the victims of domestic violence in the United States. However, they are not the only victims of domestic abuse. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) reports that one in four women (25%) and one in seven men (14%) have endured severe domestic abuse, defined as beating, strangulation, burning, and other physical harm.

Domestic Violence is Likely Underreported Nationwide

One of the challenges of looking at domestic violence statistics is that many experts believe that the issue is consistently underreported. A study cited in StatPearls explains that “domestic violence is widely thought to be underreported” due to its complicated and sensitive nature. Many victims are not counted as part of official arrest statistics.

False Domestic Violence Allegations are Not Uncommon

While domestic abuse is believed to be underreported, that does not mean that all accused parties are guilty of the offense. Quite the contrary — false domestic violence allegations are far from uncommon.

According to data from the Center for Prosecutor Integrity (CPI), approximately 8% of the population (20 million Americans) report that they have been falsely accused of domestic violence, stalking, or a sex-based offense. Dealing with a false allegation of domestic violence can be traumatic. With so much at stake, anyone facing false domestic abuse charges should seek immediate help from an experienced attorney.

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