California Bicycle Accident Lawyer

  • Apart from a helmet, bicycle riders have absolutely no safety net to protect them from any collision. Thus, the bicyclist might have severe injuries which may sometimes even be fatal. Minor injuries sustained by a bicyclist include bruises and sprains; other severe injuries include broken bones, damage to internal organs like the spleen, kidney, liver or traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, and herniated discs.
  • As per statistics available, nearly 600 cyclists die every year and more than 52,000 people are injured in bicycle-vehicle accidents. Despite the precautions taken, serious injuries like fractures, lacerations, neck trauma, concussions, joint injuries cannot be avoided. Though such injuries can take place with any person, 11% of injuries are sustained by children, which is traumatic not just for the child but also the parents. It is therefore important to seek compensation for the injuries sustained and trauma undergone from the guilty party.
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